Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Erotica. part 4

The Car that could be heard coming up the drive was now pulling up beside the garden it was a black convertible with black out windows, Sarah and the gardeners eye both glanced at the car for only brief moment not caring who had discovered their passionate display of affection. The window slowly wound down to show Sasha, Sasha was the village city girl she worked and played in the city and was known for her bizarre taste in men who always always were bold, fat and very rich. Shocked at what she was seeing Sasha yelp in distress and started the engine as Sarah announced "Don't worry i haven't forgotten our polo game" Sasha responded swiftly "don't worry i was going to cancel anyway..." as Sasha belted that out Sarah looked up from her gardener (who was busy thrust in Sarah's general direction) to see Molly's head rise from between Sasha's legs....

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