Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Erotica. part 5

Shocked at what she had just seen Sarah threw her gardener off her and reached for a towel to cover her naked body. Molly quickly whipped her lips clean of Sasha dripping lady wine and moved her self into an upright position and pulled up her jeans. Sarah ran over and to the now parked car opened the door to see Sasha's naked lower body and whispered " I have been waiting for this day for a long time..." with one swift motion Sarahs hands were now where Mollys lips had just been pressed Sasha yelp with shock and passion and Sarah picked up where molly had left and Sasha began to moan in pleasure whilst sarah knelt and moved her head in closer. The gardener now attempting to dress himself as it seemed to him that he was no longer needed turned to see molly top less and with a very stern look upon her face "Am i right to say that you were not finished?" she asked with authority in her voice he answered in a mere whimper "We were close" "I thought so" she responded with that same stern authority in her voice and pushed him back onto the sun lounger and ripped his underwear off. She mounted him within seconds, she began to ride him and whispered in his ear "How much is she paying you?... I will double it, i have some rose bushes in my front garden that could really use you touch". The only sound in Sarahs garden was the sound of two gardens getting some much needed attention until a strange noise could be heard in the distance that of a galloping horse 
the sun was setting in the west and over the horizon a large white horse appeared with a woman with hair as wild as the forest that surrounded Sarah's small village, in true lady Godiva form the woman now close enough to tell that it was the local horse keeper Bethan Watts, her nipples seemed to point north and south with mathematical precision. The garden was silent until Bethan spoke her first words "I knew there would be ungodly actions here my finest horse never eats her carrots when things are not right in the village she always looks off into the direction of the trouble, so you see i knew" they took no notice and went back to their"ungodly actions"...
Sarah and Sasha.

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  1. i would like quite a grand entrance!!