Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Erotica. part 7

Meanwhile Ellie Stack the owner of the local farm was walking home from the post office when she noticed that the village stud Tom was walking towards her, she quickly messed up her hair and then undid a few buttons on her top. "Ellie, hows the farm?" He asked in a voice so divine and sexually rough "The farm is good! won't you join me for a drink this afternoon lets say 4?" she answered with a strange look upon his face "I would love to but i must be off " he left so swiftly it blew Ellies skirt up he turned around to give her a wink. She walked home to prepare for her afternoon drink. 

Bethan was now wide awake and could feel that she had been tide to a wall in the basement of Sarahs Mansion she could hear breathing in the basement but wasn't sure where it was coming from. She looked around to try and see but couldn't turn her head very much as that seemed to be retrained as well she could now hear movement coming towards her, a naked figure appeared from the shadows and approached Bethan.

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