Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Josef Starling?


I thought that a straightforward portrait of a political figure would be pretty standard deep messages and splattered paint is not really my scene. I’m more into nice drawings of things that look nice for example pictures of birds and people so beautiful that you would never see them in real life, so when I was asked to do a project on the “Berlin Wall” a project that would naturally be full of work with deep meanings and splattered paint I was very stuck for ideas. I thought I would start with some names so I looked into people that were involved with this “Berlin Wall” I started with the main people (and that is also where I ended) I asked some of my friends who had done some research already, who the big bads were they gave me a list of names being a bit slow and well normal for someone my age I heard most of them wrong and typed in Joseph Starling into Google only to be confused why pictures of birds and regular people came up.

I wanted my project to be a bit different so I thought that would set it in the future a future where the Berlin wall had been forgotten and history had repeated itself. I thought that my work could take the form of artifacts and reconstructions found by the future government which they where trying to use to solve their situation. I thought that if I had managed to make the mistake of trying to research Joseph Starling instead of Josef Stalin then that was the kind of thing that could be lost over time so I thought I would make a reconstruction of a Soviet union poster but instead of the typical stern looking image of Josef an image of a stern looking Starling bird dressed in a Soviet uniform would be more fitting. As I said before deep meanings and splattered paint is not my scene the idea of a giant Starling bird in charge of Berlin would be more along my lines.